Our story begins a few months back, my French bulldog LilButt aka ButtButt was being treated for cryptosporidium, she had a horrible reaction to the medicine resulting in an extremely high fever and seizures. She spent days in the hospital while our veterinary team tried to get her seizures under control, they were able to do so with the use of phenobarbital. However, the medicine put her in “zombie mode” with a bad attitude, I knew I had to research other options. Armed with the approval of our vet and a detailed phenobarbital weaning plan in place I looked into HEMP, and what it has to offer. I wanted to best of the best for my baby, and nothing less is acceptable.

A fellow team member of Bully Bizz Magazine, DaRenda Sutton reached out and shared our story with the good people at A Balanced Choice, they knew they could help us, there was a light at the end of the tunnel! They got ButtButt started right away with HEMP treats and HEMP oil, even went so far as to change her dosage and overnight the product to us so she did not miss a dose. She has been on HEMP and HEMP only since May 17 with absolutely no seizure activity, not to mention she has gained weight and her attitude is back to her loving playful self.

I cannot thank you all enough, consider me a lifetime customer plus I would recommend these products to both dog and cat owners that are dealing with the same issues, or any other issues that HEMP is known to help.  Again, thank you from our family to yours!!