I started using the 75mg Cannabidiol Blanace Bones for my (unknown age) pit bull Flash.
My baby girl came to us as a retired K-9 from my husbands department. Before becoming a K-9 she was a rescue from a shelter. Because of this, we are unaware of her actual age.
The vet could only give us an estimated age and we have tried to determine her age by the amount of time we have owed her and her years of law enforcement service.
We believe she is around 12 or 13 years old and she started suffering from arthritis in her back legs. I noticed she was having some difficulty getting up and down stairs and getting up in general. While she used to jump on the bed she started laying on the floor. I built some stair for her to climb on the bed but after a while I noticed she was even struggling with the stairs. She would normally get right up in the morning but started sleeping in longer and was hesitant to get up.
Thankfully I was introduced to Annie and was given the opportunity to try the Balance Bones. I noticed a difference within the first day! She was using the stairs with less effort and ready to get up in the morning. It could have been because she knew she was going to get her “treat”or because she was feeling more lively. Whatever the reason, I was so surprised to see the difference in her activity. She seemed to be feeling much more comfortable moving around and doesn’t appear to be in discomfort.
I have continued using the Balance Bones and I have also started using the Wild Alaskan Salmon oil Hemp in her food in the evenings. She suffers from anxiety when there are storm in the area and I have also noticed a decrease in her anxiety as well.
I fully recommend this product! Even if you have a seemly healthy fur baby, this product will not harm them in any way. We started giving putting the oil in our 2 other younger dogs as well to help prevent issues as they get older.
They do not mind the oil in their food and they love the bone treats.
Thank you Anne and staff for the wonderful, healthier solution to helping our fur babies live a longer and less painful life !!